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Network cabling

All our Network cabling installation services are suitable for Computers, phone systems, Wi-Fi Access points, and security cameras.

We install the traditional Cat 5 & Cat 6 copper network cabling, but for the larger site projects we also use Fibre optic cabling with Media convertors each end.

Optical Fibre

We install and terminate fibre optic cables for the larger data or CCTV network sites, inter-connect separate building networks together, or to feed remote Wi-Fi access points around sites.

We supply and install the various types of Fibre Optic Cables, Single-mode or Multi-mode

  • Internal grade Fibre for use in cable trays
  • Steel Tube Tape Armoured Fibre outdoor use
  • Steel Wire Armoured Fibre outdoor use

Pre-terminated fibre cables, are available in all the above cable types complete with Pull Sock to protect the terminated ends during installation.

Standard type of connectors includes

  • SC
  • ST
  • FC
  • LC

All Patch panels and Patch boxes can be supplied with the above connector types, External splice enclosures are available or “in-line splice” enclosures for emergency repairs.

Fusion Splicing

This is where two optical fibres are joined using a heat process. The process is a very complicated procedure that requires skilled fibre optic engineers as the two fibres need to be joined in such a way that light can still pass through perfectly. If the fibres are not joined correctly it could cause the light to be scattered or reflected with too much loss of light signal on the fibre.

Once any of these networks are installed and tested anything IP can be installed on it, i.e. cameras or Wi-Fi access points

Hosted Wi-Fi Access Points

Hosted Wi-Fi, is where Access points are controlled via a controller either locally on the network or on the cloud, each unit has the same passwords and as a user moves from one Access Point to another the Wi-Fi signal just” hands over” to the next unit, seamlessly.

This set up is suitable for visitor gardens owners who wish to give their visitors free Wi-Fi, where the visitors can roam around the gardens whilst roaming between the Wi-Fi units while they are on site, or just sitting in the tea room.

These units are also suitable for Public houses, holiday complex’s, caravan sites, holiday lets and even domestic properties.

The units can be set up to give different passwords for staff, visitors and guest, Wi-Fi usage time limits can be imposed if required, to enable the Wi-Fi to be shared to all users.

IP CCTV installation by AJ Communications

AJ Communications

About AJ Communications

We are a locally run business, covering Cornwall whose commitment is to deliver integrated data communications solutions that make our business customers communication tools more efficient as well as supporting our domestic clients needs. We pride ourselves on the standard of our work, professionalism and the delivery of our client’s requirements. Our firm can supply a range of telecoms solutions all tailored to our clients requirements and budget.

When you call us you will be speaking direct to an engineer, who will diagnose your communication or network faults, book a visit and undertake the repair using the highest quality parts. This is all designed to reduce the impact of the inconvenience of a breakdown, providing the highest continuity of service. This bespoke service offers our customers a first class cost- effective solution allowing even the smallest company, home office or domestic client, access to the highest levels of communication technology.

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