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Are you are getting frustrated with an unreliable broadband connection?

Is your ADSL dropping out, running very slow, just intermittent or not receiving the service that your pay your ISP for. Unfortunately your first problem is to determine whether the fault is inside with your cabling or outside your property, back towards the Isp provider.

From our experience the majority of ADSL broadband faults are caused by users internal wiring within the property and this can be determined quite quickly by our engineers, without the need of customers having to spend hours on the phone to the ISP providers, identifying the “NTE” sockets, removing faceplates, checking connections or rebooting equipment.

With this new state of the art ADSL test equipment, which we now use to diagnose ADSL faults, occasionally the fault lies with the ISP service provider, the test equipment used by our engineers will give a detailed report, which we can e-mail to your ISP service providers as proof...

...and if the fault is within your premise we can repair or replace cabling or components as part of our telecom service.

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About AJ Communications

We are a locally run business, covering Cornwall whose commitment is to deliver integrated data communications solutions that make our business customers communication tools more efficient as well as supporting our domestic clients needs. We pride ourselves on the standard of our work, professionalism and the delivery of our client's requirements. Our firm can supply a range of telecoms solutions all tailored to our clients requirements and budget.

When you call us you will be speaking direct to an engineer, who will diagnose your communication or network faults, book a visit and undertake the repair using the highest quality parts. This is all designed to reduce the impact of the inconvenience of a breakdown, providing the highest continuity of service. This bespoke service offers our customers a first class cost-effective solution allowing even the smallest company, home office or domestic client, access to the highest levels of communication technology.

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